We Got Our Visas

We Got Our Visas

On Thursday, October 25th at about 11 AM, we both received our new Temporary Panama Visas. Our diligent attorney, who we began communicating with in early April, was wonderful getting all the paperwork in order and the processing done. I will detail the process further on my Panama page, to the right, that I encourage you all to look at.

With the Visa now in hand, we are able to wander the country. So we are leaving our dear Panama City on Sat morning via the local bus. We are getting up at 4:30 AM and going to find a taxi that will take us to the bus terminal. We hope to get tickets for the 8 or 9 AM bus. We checked out the bus station earlier on Wed to find out what to do and where to go.

Our trip will be along the Pan American highway to David. The trip takes 7 hours and we hope to see a lot of scenery along the way.  We have packed bananas, chips, water and hard boiled eggs for our lunch along the way.

We are finally going to where we hope will be our part of the country, where we will call home. We loved our stay in Panama City and further loved our neighborhood of El Cangrejo. But although we were getting used to the city noises of horns and sirens we are getting weary of city life and long for the quiet of a smaller town.

Our next stop is in the small village of Caldera, where we were able to find a place to stay. The place we are staying is called El Rio Encantado. The gentleman that answered the phone is from Seattle and owns the place. He said if we call, he will send a taxi for us. Sounds good to me.  We had to make reservations at the last minute. As November here is holiday heaven we were lucky to find any place that had a room. November 3,4,5 are all National Holidays here as well as November 10 and 28th.

We are going out tonight for a farewell dinner to our favorite restaurant, La Esquina Van Gogh onVia Veneto Edif. Torre de Alba, Panama City, PA. Kevin is doing all the laundry in the room today and once again we are packing our suitcases. It has been great to find a hotel here in the city with a kitchen and full laundry right in our room. We will definitely stay here at Torres De Alba again on our return.

We are on our way to our next adventure. Do you want to know why we did this? Visit our page on http://www.anewlifeinparadise.com/moving-abroad-from-the-us-how-and-why


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