A Video of Our Walk Today In Boquete

A Video of Our Walk Today in Boquete

We walk everyday. Not just for fun, we have no car,yet. Tomorrow we will be buying a car, but we promise ourselves that we will continue to walk for exercise. Almost everyday we seem to need to go into Boquete or David. We can only lug a couple of sacks of groceries back at a time, so we make several trips a week. There are several grocery stores in Boquete, and even one small one near our house about a mile away. But they don’t consistently stock the same things. So we go to 2-3 stores in Boquete to get items from each one. When we decide to go to Boquete, we walk the mile down to the highway where we  will catch a cab or local bus into town. Last week we walked the 5 miles into town. Won’t be doing that again.

We began stopping at a couple of grocery stores in David before heading back on the bus when we have gone there to take care of the business of buying our new home. They grocery stores there have a much better selection and the prices are better. Problem is getting there and back. Going into David we catch an already full bus that has come from Boquete and stops at our stop. So we sometimes have to ride the 50 minutes into David standing up. Same problem and worse coming back. We pick up the bus at a stop where 10 other people are waiting and the bus arrives already full. Last week we each had backpacks full of groceries weighing alot and had to stand up the whole way back. Got off the bus in the dark and made our way the mile walk home. We were beat.

Today we walked for fun and exercise. So I took along the video camera so all of you could enjoy being in Panama today with us. Sit back, smell the fresh warm air and listen to the birds, roosters and wind.


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