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new picHey There!

Living in David Panama for almost 4 years. It took almost a year to feel really settled in. Now I know the ropes and hope this blog will help you do the same.

I feel blessed to have this adventure and love to share it with you. As a single gal here, I have forged alone in the last 2 years! I have learned many new things and met many new wonderful Panama friends. As a single gal going it alone now I still don’t regret the move here.

This country, its people, history and culture continue to excite and fascinate me. I wake up each morning feeling blessed to be in such a wonderful place.

If I can inspire you to think outside the box of traditional retirement, I think you will find a life full of great possibilities.

Doing what your heart tells you is the most rewarding experience. Be open to change and it will change you for the better!


You can reach me at anewlifeinparadise@gmail.com
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4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Sorry about that. Chiriqui is definitely quieter than PC. In many ways, David is still a small town. We are growing by leaps and bounds though. New construction is everywhere from commercial to residential. We are booming. If you get a chance to come, spend at least a week. There is lots to see and do.

    • For some yes, for others no. I know that does not answer your question. I live in David and never use the AC units I have in my home. Many expats here do the same. We have gotten used to the heat. It gets really hot around 3-4 then because the sun goes down at 6:30 or so, it starts cooling off again. For others who live in Boquete and have gotten used to the “cold”, yes David seems warm. I also think it depends on where you are from. Personally I can’t live in Boquete, it is way too damp, windy like crazy and cold. But some like it there also. I always recommend that you stay in a place a year to experience the 12 months of the place before making a committment.

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