Ah- The Christmas Shopping Season in David

Yes, it is almost here again in David Panama. While many stores have decorations inside, none have decorated outside yet. I do love that about Panama. They generally wait until December to pull out all the stops.

Lights on homes, Christmas trees on front porches and yes, blow up life size lawn ornaments of Frosty the Snowman.

The stores will have wreathes and boughs of fake fir strewn everywhere in addition to the now famous giant Rudolph that sits on the roof of the two story Arrocha pharmacy.

The shopping frenzy will begin where there will be no parking at Plaza de Terronal, Pricesmart or downtown. Last year I tried to get to Pricesmart when they opened. I did. However by the time I was ready to check out, there must have been a hundred people in long check out lines.

And I love to retell this story about my first Christmas here. I had to go into Banco General to put money into my attorneys account. The bank was packed with about 40 people in lines waiting for tellers. I got in line myself. About 5 minutes later a bank employee had started at the beginning of the line passing out small paper cups.

And lo and behold she was pouring Rum Ponche for everyone in line. Now number one, whoever heard of a bank being so nice and two, that they would be serving alcohol. It made everyone in line smile and forget their long wait. People began chatting with one another, smiling and enjoying the wait.

It made the tellers happy that their customers weren’t grumpy and it made the customers feel special. Win-win!!

So I guess I am looking forward to all the hoopla, after all it only comes once a year.


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