Another Panama Holiday Has Arrived

Independence from Spain

The 28th of November, Wednesday this year, is the Panama holiday for their Independence from Spain. However, as I have found out that usually means that the holiday is celebrated for more than one day. In Boquete the holiday starts with a parade on Sunday. Many offices and businesses are closed on Monday. The actual holiday being on Wednesday, I am assuming means that offices and businesses are closed on Wednesday.

Independence from spain panama, Simon Bolivar The Liberator

Simon Bolivar, The Liberator

We are learning. The next holiday is Mothers Day which is on December 8th. This holiday was explained on a website I recently visited. Mothers Day is a holiday to honor mothers in Panama, however it usually means that the mothers spend the day cooking for their families who enjoy the benefits of the holiday meal. Anyway party on in Panama. Here is another video of the Independence from Spain parade so you can see what you are missing.


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