Backyard and Pool Project Done

I emailed this video to many people, but for those who did not see it, here is a recap of a months worth of work. More importantly than the job is done is the fact that as always here, we met some really nice people along the way, learned a lot and had fun.


Labor and Supplies in David

I just wanted to add that we had a really good guy (Pedro) and his helper do the concrete slab for the pool. He gave us a very reasonable quote and a time frame.  He was good to his word. The end product was done to perfection. They guys worked everyday for 8 hours, hauling gravel, sand and concrete. Mixing and pouring by hand a slab 18′ by 18′. We even had them concrete in the front of the gate which previously had been just weeds.

I would highly recommend them for any work around the area. Pedro is a perfectionist. If you need his phone number please email me.

Our supplies came from two places, both of whom delivered the same day we ordered our materials.

We got our sand , gravel and concrete from Las Casa Del Constructor # 2, which is on the Pan American Highway. Here is the directions for La Casa del Constructor in David.  The 3/4 gravel was $17.75 a ton. The cement was $9.34 a bag. Evidently I misplaced the receipt for the sand, but the cost was minimal. There was no delivery charge.

We also had to purchase wood for the forms and nails.

Our New Landscaping Plants

Impatient plants, Impatients

It is hard to find nurseries here in David. I don’t know if that is true for the rest of the country. We do have one local place on the Pan American Highway in David called Lulu’s. She is a professional landscaper as well as having a good selection of plants at her nursery. We bought the 3 new Aloe plants, 4 Agave plants and 6 other plants. She has a wonderful variety. You can find a map of where she is located at Lulu’s Tropical Garden.


We also found another nice nursery outside of David on the Pan American Highway on the way to Conception. She is on the left side as you are going to Conception about 3 miles further than Pricesmart. She has a wonderful selection of flowers, herbs as well as plants. We bought a few Impatiens, a Bougainvillea and some herbs. We plan on going back for more. Her prices were reasonable.

Next post will be on all the cool stuff we actually have in our small yard.


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