Boquete Expats

The Boquete Expat Population

The Boquete expat population is a very active group of people. They come from the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and many other places.They have developed an organization that helps newcomers as well as long time residents get information that they need to live better here. They regularly have what they term “Tuesday Meetings.”

We went last Tuesday. They have the meeting  in an open air meeting hall they also use to put on shows and plays. We got there around 10 am. The Tuesday Market was in full swing.  There were a lot of people who had tables set up selling everything from jewelry to home baked goodies. Most of these expats new each other and I gathered they came on a regular basis. People were milling around greeting friends. At 10:30 the meeting started for those who wanted to attend. They try to have a new speaker every Tues. We sat down with about 20 other people to listen to a local attorney talk about contracts, employing the locals and buying property. It was informative and lasted an hour followed by questions from the audience. I found a recent video someone took at the Tuesday Market. Here it is:

This seemed to be an excellent way to meet the expats who have moved here and ask questions. In general we have found that expats here are friendly and helpful. The locals too are wonderful and are very patient with our lack of Spanish.

The expat communities are great for helping you get adjusted to the new country you are in. In only the short week we have been here, we have met many nice helpful people.

This proves to me that anyone can move out of their comfort zone in the United States and come to a place like this and feel at home.


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