Bugs, Birds and Lizards


Why have I not written about them before, you may ask?  Because I never think of them. Why don’t you ever think of them, you may ask?

Well, because I never see any. Okay except ants. I thought is was weird and strange when I first moved here, some homes did not have screens on their windows and none of the homes had screen doors. Everyone here has a wrought iron door whose purpose is security I suppose, but none have screen on them.

For those of you who never thought of venturing to tropical country because you thought creepy crawlers were everywhere, listen up.

I haven’t seen any tarantulas, scorpions, snakes or mosquitoes.  Yes, I said we have no mosquitoes here.   Okay, I have not traveled all of Panama, but from the mountains to the sea, I haven’t seen any bugs that are huge and blood sucking. Oh, the ant part. Yes they do have the leaf cutter ants and I actually like to watch them when they are not in my yard eating.


I would love to get a bird book. I see so many beautiful birds here and I don’t know what they are. However, we do seem to have here a bird that looks suspiciously like a robin. Enough said about that. We also have the morning doves that coo. We also have parrots. The cool thing about them is that you don’t have to spend the day looking out the window for them, you just need to listen. In early evening and morning they pass overhead sometimes taking a rest in a  nearby large tree. I can always tell they are around,  because you can hear them coming for a mile away. They squawk loud and are extremely noisy. They come in pairs. And there are always lots of the pairs. They stay awhile and then move on. It is cool to them. We also have hummingbirds of all different colors. We found hummingbird food in a drawer in the kitchen so we promptly went out and bought a feeder.  The visit us each day and are getting quite bold. We love it.


Iguana’s do live here. I have only seen one though. We happened to be on a bus to Boquete and a rather large one, about 6 feet long was on the highway. The bus driver dodged it and it ran off into the jungle. That has been my only experience with Iguanas. However we do have the geckos. We had one visit just the other night. They make a chirping noise. Anyone who has been to Hawaii will know what they look like. They are the same here. We like these small creatures.



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