Chickens, Dogs, Hummingbirds and Thanksgiving

Overlooked This and That’s


Okay, I have missed the boat on talking about a few things that we have encountered here. So, I thought I should catch up. Here goes, in no particular order.

Chickens and Roosters

A Neighbors Chicken




I obviously can’t talk about anywhere in Panama except where I currently live. That being said, we hear roosters crowing all the time here. They do more so at dawn, but they do crow all day to. It actually a nice way to wake up in the morning. We also have several neighbors who have chickens which basically run loose up and down the road. In our small neighborhood we have also seen people with cows and a couple of horses.  Cool huh!!


Hummingbirds and Parrots

Green parrots, Green Parrot GatorlandHummingbirds, Hummingbird

The wet season is ending here and there are many trees and plants that are still flowering. So, we have lots and lots of hummingbirds we see everyday. Other neat birds we see less often are the parrots. They come in flocks of about 20 or so and glide into the taller trees around the neighborhood. You can tell when they come, because of all the squawking you hear. They are big in size and very bright green. We see lots of other birds we don’t know the names of yet. Some are bright yellow and have a beautiful song.


Misc Critters

Lizards, Lizard

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Eades at Flickr

We haven’t seen much of anything. However we do close our doors and windows at dusk. This is due to the cooler  weather but also because we don’t have screens on any windows here. We don’t have any problem with mosquitos or moths, which I thought we would. We do hear, both night and day the small lizards making their noises outside. We have had some big black ants in the house but nothing else. Not bad considering we are living in an area with several undeveloped lots with lots of brush and thick undergrowth. The only thing we have had happen was actually this morning. Kevin was making breakfast in the kitchen while I was in the living room with the front door open. In flew a bird about 4 feet, I screamed, the bird thought better of it and flew out again.



I don’t quite know why, but everyone here has at least 1 dog and most times 3 or 4. Most homes here have fenced yards, either wired or using beautiful wrought iron. Driveways are usually gated with either electric gates or manual ones. The dogs here are not indoor pets. They are strictly used for guarding your home. All of the animals I have seen are well taken care of and definitely guard well. I guess it is cheaper than a security system.

We can’t go out to the highway without alerting  every dog in the neighborhood. Some have gotten used to us and ignore us when we walk by now. Others still look like they would eat you if they could. Dogs here do not usually leave the premises of the home they are in. In other words people do not usually walk dogs here. When I do see someone walking a dog it usually turns out to be an expat who is used to doing so elsewhere.

Nan and Brandi

We also discovered that there are as many if not more pet stores in town than grocery stores. All the hardware stores carry dog food as well as pet stores and the grocery stores.

You see all manner of breeds here too. Our landlords have a Rottweiler (Seaous) and a Dachausand  (Brandi) who take care of guarding our place. They are wonderfully sweet dogs that Kevin has fallen for. Unfortunately Brandi keeps getting step on by her 100 pound sister a lot. Our landlords keep the kids locked up in a smaller outdoor kennel at night. They keep quiet.

Our Guard Brandi

The only problem with this neighborhood, and I hear it is a problem everywhere, is that because all the dogs are outside at night, whenever there is anything that makes a sound they all start barking. No one goes out and tells them to quiet down. They just bark for hours. At first I thought I could not get used to it. The first few nights I got little sleep. Now I am sleeping right through the ruckus. If they ever were barking to let someone know of a break in, I am certain no one would even wake up.

Our Other Guard Dog-Seaus-A Rottweiler

Every time a car goes by, a radio is turned up, anything at all they just bark. And I am talking about 20-30 dogs in our neighborhood. There are a couple of stray dogs that seem to hang around here and taunt all the rest of the dogs. That happened a couple nights ago. I finally got up to look out and saw one of them running back and forth along the fence line of the house below ours on the street. The dogs inside the fence were going bonkers. It was 2am. UGH!!  That is all I will say about that.


Thanksgiving in Panama

Thanksgiving 2010-5

Photo Courtesy of Edsel Little at Flickr

Wow, who would have thought they would celebrate Thanksgiving here. We went into David this week to go to the big “EL Rey Supermarket.” The frozen food section was full of turkeys. We looked up to find an entire 1/2 aisle with all the Thanksgiving fixins. They had canned pumpkin, Stove top stuffing, rolls, cranberries, the works. We also went over to Arrocha, which is a fancy pharmacy/dept store. They had Thanksgiving tablecloths, napkins and centerpieces displayed. Weird.

We are going out on Thanksgiving to one of the restaurants in town that is serving the “Thanksgiving meal.” There were about 5 places in town doing the Thanksgiving menu. We will report on the outcome, Friday.



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    • Vicki

      It is a lot of work. First some airlines won’t fly animals during certain times of the year due to the heat.
      Then there is the paperwork. You must fill out necessary paperwork with a certified vet in your area that has the authorization to do that. In all of Denver there is only one vet who has that authority. The paperwork has to be recently done too.

      When your pet arrives at Toucumen Airport, before it can be picked up, a Panama certified vet must look the pet over and determine if all the paperwork has been done correctly. If you arrive after 5PM the animal will have to remain at the airport until the next day during working hours for the vet.

      For more information and a good site look into They have the forms.

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