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How To Choose Your Moving Company

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Early on we discovered that some of the best ways to get good solid information was from the very people who had already experienced or had first hand knowledge about our questions. For Panama we always asked either  or

Regarding movers we heard from several people about their experiences.  First thing we learned is that any international move requires 2 companies to move you. One in the country of origin and the other in the country you are moving to. That being said many people choose to use a local company that would pack everything, send it to the shipping ports usually Miami or somewhere in Texas. Then your movers would put it on a cargo ship. The local company you hired would contract with a company in your destination country who would take your shipment off the cargo ship, process it through customs and deliver it to your door. (Unless you had arranged for Door to Port shipping only).

At first this sounded fine. Then people on the forums pointed out that you had no control over which company, your local company would contract with in the destination country. You would have no idea if that company was any good, reliable, could handle customs properly and deliver to your door in a timely manner. As I investigated Panama movers I found that many people had very bad experiences with a few of the same companies. I did not want to risk that a Colorado mover would use one of these companies in Panama to deliver my shipment.

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Several people pointed out that the most critical part of the move was having a good mover in your destination country to take care of the paperwork and customs. A good company would have good relations with the customs people, be able to speak the native language and have a good reputation.

So we picked a highly recommended Panama international moving company who luckily for us also had a company in Miami. So far (knock on wood) everything has gone smoothly. It was great to be able to call Miami and have a english speaking person talk with you on a US phone number who coordinated with the same company in Panama.

Our Panama movers set up a local Aurora company to pickup our boxes and send them on their way to the Panama companies storage facility in Miami. So once we have our “Cedula” or Panama residency and an address they can deliver to we fax that to them and they put our boxes on a cargo ship and we have them in usually 10-14 days.

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