Christmas Time in David Panama

Christmas Time in David

During this time of year there is no difference between the US and David when it comes to Christmas shopping. The malls and stores downtown here are all crazy with people shopping, decorations and Christmas carols being played everywhere. Parking during regular shopping is bad enough but now it is hard to find a place to park.


The up side here though is that everyone is extra friendly during this season, smiling and saying “buenas” to everyone they pass. We had to do some banking at a bank we are unfamiliar with yesterday. The lines were long when we entered. People were waiting for tellers. Everyone was waiting patiently. Here though to keep everyone happy while standing inline, a bank employee was handing out shots of rum punch to all who were waiting. I mean real alcohol. Where else in the world would you get alcohol served to you with a smile in a bank.  It definitely made waiting in line a little less of a problem. With the air conditioned bank and the beverage, I might visit again soon.


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