Coconuts and Starfruit

Coconuts and Starfruit

In the states there are so many things in the produce section that I never tried or knew how to cook and use. Now that I am here, I have experienced all kinds of new veggies and fruits that I otherwise would not have been introduced to.

Coconuts are sold by street vendors all over town. With a machete in hand and a whack on a coconut, you simply add a straw and you have a delicious sweet drink of fresh coconut juice. Good to taste as well as good for you. For 50 cents you can have a refreshing beverage straight from mother nature.

Our wonderful Panamanian neighbors brought over today 2 fresh coconuts and a huge bag of starfruit.  The coconuts were already whacked so a small hole made it easily accessible to drink or drain the juice. Wow so good.


Starfruit I have seen in the states but never tried. I read there are two varieties, sweet and tart. The ones our neighbor gave us were really tart. So we are deciding what to do with them.

If is just so wonderful to be able to go out and just pick fruit whenever you want. Our orange tree this year produced some very sweet and big oranges that were delicious.P1010094

Down the street our local fruit stand that Ernesto runs, has wonderful papaya and bananas now. You pay 5 cents for a banana and a papaya will run you $1.00. Best of all they are fresh. I can’t help but think, that since we have been here, eating so much fruit and veggies has helped us be more healthy.


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