Cost to Ship Items from America?

Cost to Ship Item to David from US

If you have been reading the past blogs, you will know that after much delay I decided that the only way to keep our new pool clean was to have a pool vacuum. And as you might have read, they do not have those things available here. So I hesitated, not knowing how much it would cost to get it here from the US.

Well now I know. Here is what happened:pool kit

I have been hearing about Airbox Express in Panama that provides a US address to receive items and then forwards them to Panama. They have an office in David.  I have heard really good things about them. I needed a company like this because what I wanted to purchase the item from Amazon and they would not ship it  Internationally. So I signed up and received an address in Miami for their location there with my own number.

On July 1st, I went to Amazon and ordered a Intex Deluxe Pool Kit (vacuum) for $59.99. It weighed 7.5 lbs. They shipped at no charge to the address in Miami. It got there on July 11th. I emailed Airbox Express to find out when I might receive the delivery to David. They said Tues or Wed , the 16th or 17th.

I got an email on Sat the 13th that said the shipment was in David and ready to be picked up. Wow. We decided to wait until Monday to pick it up.

I knew that the new customs law was in effect that stated that anything under the value of $100 had no duty. So I thought that was cool. What I did not expect was the bill for shipping. Now I know that it only took 2 days to get here from Miami. I know it was an air freight delivery. They all are. However, I was not ready to pay:

I know you can’t read it but it says $89.15.  Okay, I only paid $59.99 for the pool kit.

Point: I won’t be ordering anything else if I can help it from the United States.



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