Costs of Liquor in Panama

Costs of Liquor in Panama

Costs of liquor in Panama vary, but the local produced liquor is very affordable. As inexpensive as alcohol is here in Panama, you rarely see teetering souls on the streets. Maybe it is all consumed at home. Anyway, Panama produces its own rum and beer. It may produce other yummy liquors, but we haven’t discovered them yet. A six pack of my favorite Panama beer runs $2.50. That’s a six pack, folks. And whats more, this beer is good. Balboa and Atlas are produced by the same company, Grupo Bavaria. The third in a contest with the first two is the beer simply called Panama. It is produced by Cervecerias Baru-Panama, S.A. All of these beers are decidedly different from each other as far as taste. My favorite, Balboa, has been made since 1910.

Balboa beer, Beers

Balboa and Atlas Beer from Panama







Panama also makes its own rum called Ron Abuelo.  The national alcoholic beverage of Panama is considered to be Seco Herrerano.  Secco Herrerano is actually made from sugarcane, triple distilled and 70 proof. It tastes just like rum and used in the same mixed drinks. Rum punch drinks here are very popular with the Panamanians. A 1.75 liters will set you back $11.00. Cost of Coke to go with your rum, high at $1.95 for a 2 liter bottle.

Wine here is also very popular. In particular, Chile wines in all varieties run around $5.00 a bottle and its good wine. There is also a specialty wine shop that has recently opened in the David shopping center, which has wines from around the world.


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