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Casa de Baterias and Our Neighbors-Gracias

We have met some of our wonderful Panama neighbors. We always say “Buenas” when we recognize them on the street, but beyond that we did converse much. All of our neighbors work, so we don’t usually see them during the day.

However, one Saturday, we went out to get in our little car and the battery was dead. Kevin saw the neighbor across the street and went over to ask for a jump with his truck. He did not hesitate to come to our aid. Before long we found out that our jumper cables were not long enough to reach his truck, so we put ours in neutral and pushed it out unto the street, to line up with his.

By this time we had attracted another neighbors curiosity who came walking over. After the “guys” thought they had the car charged, it still would not start. Someone said why not try pushing it to get it going. So now, there was our car in the middle of the busy street, with Kevin in the car and these two Panamanians pushing it. A teenager on a bike went by, stopped, dropped his bike and began pushing too. This went on back and forth for several minutes until the verdict was the “battery was no more.”  We needed a new one. But we could not obviously drive anywhere to get one.

Car Battery

Photo Courtesy of Sean MacEntee (Flickr.com)

The guys rolled the car back into our driveway and one neighbor took it upon himself to make a phone call on his cell. He explained that the battery shop was sending over someone with a new battery and he would install it for us. Sure enough, 20 minutes later a kid drove up on a motorcycle, got off and took a new battery out of the back of his bike. Within 10 minutes we had the car going again.

We found out that car batteries here in this climate only last for about 24 months. The kid from “Casa de Baterias” knew the previous battery we had in the car had been purchased with them on 3/2/2010.  We had no idea how much this was all going to cost, but the kid found his clip board and wrote out our bill. Unbelievable as it seems, this was the cost.

New Battery $65.69

Service Fee for Delivery $10.00

Discount for old Battery -6.56

Total bill on 5/11/2013  $73.96 with tax. We paid in cash and off he went…….COOL EH!!!!!  We would like to plug  Casa de Baterias .  We thank them for their fine service. They are now listed on our cell phone for any future need we may have.

We also met some wonderful and kind neighbors who we would like to think of as friends.


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