Earthquakes and Hurricanes in Panama

Hurricanes in Panama

This is a short and sweet subject. There are none here, ever. There has never been a recorded hurricane in Panama because we are out of the hurricane belt. Wow, what a relief right?

Earthquakes in Panama

Okay, yes we have earthquakes in Panama, but wait until I give you my information before you get turned off by this. Yes, we have several earthquakes a year here. They are all over Panama. However they are always between 4- 5 magnitude on the scale. What that means is they are relatively small.

We have lived here almost a year ( in 13 days) we have only felt one of the several that have occurred since we have been here. The one we did feel, we weren’t actually sure was anything until we heard other people talking about it.

The ones that happen around here seem to be felt more by the people living in the mountains around Boquete than us low landers in David. The average is about 7-9 a year. They rarely do any structural damage to buildings and most are not even felt by people.

On August 13th, of this year an earthquake took place off the coast of Columbia. It hit the national news everywhere. Even though it was a 6.6 magnitude no one here felt it including us.

I found a great website which lets you know where they occur, how often and what the magnitude is. Go and visit Earthquake Track. They have an up to date site that has lots of information.

Anyway, I am not concerned about the earthquakes, nor is anyone else. What is a concern, living in a flood zone. Next


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