Expat Communities Exist in Almost Every Country


Expat Communities Exist in Almost Every Country

Because so many people are moving overseas, there are certain places in the world where small expat communities are developing.  This makes it even easier to move abroad and adjust to new surroundings. These communities provide excellent resources for the newcomer. These expat groups can help answer most questions about the local businesses, doctors, dentists, vets, auto repair and every kind of service you might need. This is especially helpful for new expats who have yet to learn the native language.

Several of these communities have their own blogs and forums. These are really great ways to get information about a place without being there. You can get a feel of the community, ask questions and gain a lot of insightful information.

Another thing that draws people to expat communities is that they often include more of the same things that they had at home. Grocery stores for instance, in an expat community might carry more imported foods and products that expats ask for.

Expats seem to enjoy opening  businesses in their new country like the ones they had “back home”.  Familiar businesses like  pizza restaurants, internet cafe’s, bakeries, dog sitting, coffee shops and others usually hoping to cater to the expats as well as the locals. Likewise the locals will often open up businesses that will service the expats needs and create jobs for the locals. Expats also do a lot of volunteer work for local organizations and become resources for the betterment of the entire community, locals and expats alike.

The fact is that after you decide on the country you want to live in there are plenty of people who are living in that country who have done what you are doing. So you don’t have to do it alone. It is an easy way to get used to a country. Many people begin living in an expat community when they first move. Eventually though, many will move to other parts of a country when they become comfortable with a new language and make new friends.

If security is an issue for you, expat communities tend to have planned housing developments that are gated. These however come at a cost. You would have to pay a monthly HOA fee for upkeep of  property and security. Most of these developments were made for expats who either live in the country only part time and need additional security or people who feel living outside the gates is worrisome.

The only downside to an expat community is the cost of living.  As elsewhere, when wealthier people move into any area, the prices of housing as well as services tends to go up. This also happens when any “expats” gather in any place. So while living in a large expat community gives you more a sense of home, it can cost you more. However, the comradeship you develop with others in these communities can be invaluable. Here are some videos of what some of the expat communities are doing:

Many of you will think I am crazy for moving out of the United States. Some of you have traveled abroad and some of you have not. Most of you are curious about what I am about to do.

There I have said it. And I have researched it and I am going to make it happen and you can too. You may not know it, but thousands of people are moving out of the United States and becoming expats every year. These people have many reasons for doing so. But all of them have found that living abroad will give them a better quality of life for the money they have. See my page Why You Should Move Abroad


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