What Does Expat or Ex patriot Mean?


Expat is short for Ex patriate

  • An Expat is simply someone who lives outside the country they are a citizen of.  This is a perfectly legal action and those that do are not unpatriotic. Look at this article: On The Unpatriotic Question
  •  Becoming an Expat does not mean you give up your citizenship. In fact it is a lengthy process to give up your citizenship, especially if you are a U.S. citizen.
  • An Expat no matter where he resides will always need to pay Federal U.S taxes on money earned in the U.S. and abroad.
  • An Expat can still vote in national elections.
  • An Expat will continue to be able to renew Passports.
  • An Expat will not have to file a state return if he has no more ties to the State he came from ( like still owning a house, rentals, etc)
  • An Expat can return to the United States anytime.
  • An Expat will still receive their Social Security checks automatically sent to their US bank accounts.
  • An Expat will not be able to use Medicare outside the United States (not a problem as I will explain later).
  • An Expat is always under the jurisdiction of the United States unless he gives up citizenship.
  • An Expat always needs to report required US tax information honestly and in full.

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  • An Expat of the United States can legally become a “resident” of another country.
Look at what Wikipedia’s definition of Expat is.

Who Are Becoming Expats?

More and more people are becoming expat’s every month. The United States is not the only country that has it’s citizens moving to other parts of the world. Many Canadians, Germans and people in Europe are benefiting from living in other countries. There are many reasons that these people have decided to move away from their native countries. And all countries treat these expats with different regulations and rules.

People from all walks of life are becoming Expats. Families, single people,  retired or still working. People are enjoying visiting and living in other countries.

As a side note: The United States is only one of  two countries in the world that continues to require you to pay taxes even though you live outside of the United States full time.


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