How and Why We Decided to Move Abroad as Expats

Why did we decide to move abroad and become expats? The decision came about when basically 3 things came together at the same time.

Age-Time is passing us all by. We admit that we do not like driving in snow anymore let alone shoveling it. We do not like cold weather.


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Our daily routine has turned into a revolving routine. We don’t work to live, we live to work. Slowly it dawned on us that we could go on like this forever. We could literally work forever. For me personally, I saw myself in a decade becoming like several of my patients, most of whom are retired, not happy, living on small incomes and not enjoying life at all.  Most all of these people thought their retirement life would be alot different than it turned out to be.

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Economy-When running all the retirement calculators, we realized that we would not be able to retire having the same lifestyle we lived most of our lives in. Between thoughts of having to downsize, health care costs rising, no guarantee of Social Security income, the future would be bleak if we stayed here. Remaining here would require us to work until at least 65 or 70.

Knowledge-Traveling to several countries in Latin America in the past few years inspired our curiosity to dig deeper into a real viable solution to our fated retirement in the United States. Thanks to the internet, we found out everything about every country. We were lucky to find some wonderful expat websites that were loaded with information.

All three of these things have propelled us forward to taking action. We have spent time talking with people who have done it and none have ever regretted the move. We have looked at some of the best places to retire as an expat of the United States. We narrowed our choices and decided where to retire.  And now we can say that our future will be an adventure. We realize that there will be bumps in the road ahead but at least we will be going in the direction that we choose.

This blog was created because many of you were curious about becoming an expat and having this type of lifestyle. So I will take you along for the ride.  I will let you know more about how we educated ourselves and educate you as well.  Because it really is true, you can live like a king or queen in several countries on just your social security. And ANYONE can do this!  For more information,go to my page on Why Should You Move Abroad And Become An Expat







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