Finding What and Where in David Panama

Finding What and Where in David Panama

I haven’t posted for awhile. It was not because I was lazy, we were busy. We decided when we moved into the house to put the table and chairs that are in the dining room, out onto the covered patio where they would match the other tables. Plus that would give us a place to eat outdoors. Good idea, but that meant that we had to get a new dining room set. So we spent a few days going to as many “Muebles” furniture stores as we could find to look at what they offered. This was our first big shopping expedition downtown.

We found out that most stores downtown are multi purpose stores. They carry a little bit of everything. They are mom and pop stores that may carry several different kinds of things all in a small space. For instance, the typical store might carry washing machines, stoves, office supplies, rocking chairs and clothing all in 500 sq feet. So you can’t tell what kind of stores they are until you actually go inside and look.


Our New Dining Room Set

David has a flourishing downtown. Parking is hard to find, people are everywhere and there are numerous stores. After we took in all the downtown stores we started looking on the side roads. We found a wonderful street with several furniture stores that all had good selections. After looking around we both decided we liked a set at a furniture store called EP Furniture. They even have a website I would highly recommend it. The prices were great and the selection was huge. They delivered for free “gratis” the next day.

We also needed to get surge regulators for the computers. We looked at several of the stores at the Terronal Mall and found just what we wanted at AudioFoto. We bought 2 surge regulators with battery back up for $40 each. Their website is .

We needed to have something to sit on outside on the back patio so we went to our large Do It Center ( at the Terronal Mall and purchased two reclining  lawnchairs. This store is a great hardware store as is the Novey ( which is almost next door. These stores are like Home Depot and Lowe’s back in the states.

Since we got our shipment all of our DVD movies and CD albums are still in boxes so we needed to get some kind of storage for them.  I assumed that a music store would carry CD and DVD holders or racks. That might be so, but David does not seem to have any music stores. So we started shopping again for bookshelves that could accommodate our collection. I had to go to the BoqueteNing forum to ask people to help me find where I could get them.  So yesterday we went to Terronal Mall and went to Conways. This is a great three level department store with everything. On the third level they carry housewares and furniture. We found an adjustable shelf 6 foot bookshelve for only $59. They are ordering it for us from Panama City and will deliver to the store where we will pick it up next week.



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  1. Thanks for the great info. We will be relocating from Las Uvas in the San Carlos District to Boquete in August. We rented an unfurnished home and needed to know where we can find furniture – knew we’d have to look in David but had no idea where to find things so you’ve helped us tremendously.

  2. We live in Golfito and need to find a good king-sized mattress. Do you know if David has a selection of mattresses, and where might I find them?
    Thanks, Ellen

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