Garbage In Panama- Not a Dirty Word

Garbage Collection In Panama

I know, just the topic you wanted to read about. But I found it fascinating.

On a first trip to Latin America, I think it was Belize or Mexico, I spotted tiny containers in front of homes everywhere. What were these used for? Now I know.

Garbage. There are reasons that countries use this type of garbage holder. It is off the ground, so when it rains the garbage doesn’t wash away and it is protected from the wind by being in a metal strong basket. Plus being open, it doesn’t smell. A very wise contraption. This picture is of the one at our house in Boquete. It sits about 5 feet off the ground.

Our Garbage Container in Boquete

Most people at least here do composting for their garden clippings. In our neighborhood there are also several lots that are overgrown and vacant. I have seen some of the gardeners  throw the garden clippings in the vacant fields.  So that doesn’t have to go into the garbage. Smart.

Now on to the matter of garbage collection. Here in Boquete they collect garbage once a week. The trucks are very diligent about collecting all the garbage. They use big trucks and have tarps over the top so the garbage won’t blow out.  Here we are not paying for the garbage pick up as our landlord also contributes to our bin. She pays the monthly fee.

However, we did learn yesterday, that in David, trash pick up is done twice a week and costs $4.00 a month. Not bad. Panama tries to keep the country clean. The problem often is the wind and how it carries the garbage everywhere flying in all directions. They also have recycling here and have lots of public trash cans in town for public use.

Our Neighbors Garbage Container


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