Getting Familiar with David Panama- My E- Book

Thank You for Taking My Poll

I want to thank all of you who took my poll earlier. I have written an e book about David. I will release it early in January.

When we moved to David from Boquete, I tried to find information about David. I found a couple of blogs with insightful reviews of restaurants and experiences here, but nothing that offered me the details that I wanted. I wanted to know about internet providers, banks, hardware stores. I needed to know about medical care, emergency phone numbers and pharmacy’s.

There is a constant abundance of information about Boquete, but it rarely includes any information about David. And unfortunately all expats who live in Boquete at some point will need to use services, doctors and shop in David.

My small ebook is more of a informational gathering of contact information for places and services that everyone might benefit from. I have included Google maps of places most expats will need to visit at some point. These I can easily update without changing the book. This means  I can keep the information current.

I also hoped this book might trigger an interest in people to move here rather than Boquete. I think that David is often overlooked as a retirement location as well as a location to start a business.  David is an upcoming place that has a lot of new construction going on for business as well as homes. The signs are good here that the economy is booming. As more and more expats want to live around David, I think the expats of David can develop the type of community that the Boquete expats have.

Getting Familiar with David, Panama: A Guide

This is my e book title. I will be publishing it on Amazon after January 1st. I thought I would wait until the new year to start it off right. You know I will encourage you all to buy a copy.  I will make another posting when I actually get it on Amazon. I am so excited to be able to do this.


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