Gringo in David Yahoo Group

Gringos in David Yahoo Group

I have met quite a few people who live here who have never heard of the group of gringos who are in David. So I want to make sure that the word gets out.

There are so many ways for expats to meet each other in Boquete and Volcan. The expat communities there have gone above and beyond to welcome newcomers and make those living there have the advantage of a Tuesday get together for all to enjoy each week. The news of these meetings and other expat activities are well known by most expats in the area.

For those of us living in the David area at first glance there does not seem to be much of an expat community. But that is not true. No one has a good idea of how many expats are in the David area. The number one reason for this, I believe is the size of the city itself. Second though, there is not much promoted here for expats to get together and support each other as in the other two towns I mentioned.

However overlooked or not known is the “Gringos in David Yahoo Group.” While it may seem online like only a blog to comment on and exchange ideas and ask questions, it is much more.  You can sign up for daily messages from this blog and participate by having a yahoo email. It is free. Just sign up for one and go to yahoo groups. Look for Gringos in David and sign up to be a member.  Even if you don’t want to participate you can view the blog and find out……………………Where they will hold their next meeting.

Every First Thursday of the Month-Gringos of David Hold a Meeting

It really should not be called a meeting. It is nothing like the Tuesday meetings in Boquete. It is a social situation for people to get to know each other. There are no speeches or vendors. The place of the meetings changes each time. Most often it will be at a local restaurant. The time is always at 4PM and lasts until the last person leaves. You don’t have to buy dinner. Some people only come for a beer and socialization. It is low key and relaxed. There are sometimes up to 35 people that come. It is a good place to meet people living in the area.

I have been going since we came here and only missed one meeting. These people are friendly, nice and it is great to talk with others about questions and just generally nice to get out of the house and experience a new restaurant while being in great company. I would highly encourage those of you thinking about or living in David to come. The place is always posted on the blog itself about a week before the meeting.

Some of our last meetings were held at wonderful local restaurants who were gracious to accommodate us. I would like to list and recommend them here:

Gringos Mexican Food– Sorry Closed Now

El Fogon

Parmigiano Ristorante– Sorry moved to Boquete



2 thoughts on “Gringo in David Yahoo Group

  1. I’m new to David, having just moved here from Bocas. I’d certainly like to connect (meet) other gringos living here. Is there a list of others so that we can be directly informed of the Thursday meetings? If so, please do put me on it.

    Thanks, Michael Evnin

    • Michael I heard through the grapevine that you are going to be my neighbor in Cuesta del Sol soon. Great! You can find the postings for the gringo gatherings on the yahoo group, Gringos in David. Hope to meet you soon!

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