Ground Shook Here

Earthquake Here Sunday Morning 10:30

I promised that I would report the good and bad on this blog. I guess I should report the earthquake we had here on Sunday morning. Since we have been here as I have stated before there have been lots of small quakes that were rarely felt by anyone and a couple that were just a bump in the night. This one however was different.

We were outside cleaning the pool, when the pool started moving as well as the concrete wall surrounding our house. It lasted several seconds. The pool began swaying and the water inside was moving a lot. Kevin and I both looked at each other startled and hung on to the railing of the pool. The razor wire on the wall just danced, while my stomach did a topsy turvy move. When it was over we went inside and immediately got online to see what everyone was experiencing.

Come to find out the epicenter of the quake was 10 miles from our house. Half way between us and the beach. It was 35 miles underground and a 5.1 on the richter scale which is considered moderate. Moderate or not, the quake was powerful. We surveyed the house for any damage. Houses here are made of cinder block and stucco, so what often happens is cracks. We did not find any damage.

Again, this is why Panama like many Central American countries does not have underground utilities, especially gas lines.

There has been speculation since 2006, that we were in for a “big one.” Hope that was it. Don’t want to experience anything bigger, thanks.

View of Volcan Baru from La Barqueta Beach

View of Volcan Baru from La Barqueta Beach

Volcan Baru

Everyone living here in Chiriqui needs to be aware that the lovely Volcan Baru is a semi-active volcano. While it has not shown itself to anyone in years, it is still considered active and there is a chance that it can blow. Take a look at Wikipedia’s site about Volcan Baru.


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