How Do We Get Our Bills Without Mail?

How Do We Get Our Monthly Bills Without Mail?

The same way it has always been done here, by hand delivery to your home.

Toward the end of the month you can expect 2 bills. Your electric bill from Gas Fenosa and your bill for Water and Garbage which are together from IDAAN. These are stuck anywhere that anyone can stick them so you might see them and they hopefully won’t blow away. Even without your paperwork in hand, you are supposed to know that every month you owe these two entities money. So even if you never get your bill you are supposed to visit either IDAAN or Gas Fenosa and pay up using your account number.

By Nina Matthews on Flickr

By Nina Matthews on Flickr

In addition we have Cable Onda, who being savvy as they are, emails us the bill. Gas Fenosa emails us the bill also in addition to delivering one to the house.

As for now, IDAAN which regulates water and garbage, has the same amount each month. This means that they do not currently have water meters that they read. Everyone pays the same. Word to note however is that Chiriqui is putting in over 10,000 new water meters now. We assume in the future, water will be measured just like electricity is.

Where Do You Pay Your Bills?

I can only attest to what we do. I know that some banks allow you to pay your bills online. We do not. We use Multi Pago’s. What the heck is that you might ask? Well it is a company that is in most grocery stores here, Romero, El Rey and Super 99.  They have windows that you stand in line for and they take payments for all kinds of bills from paper subscriptions to car insurance payments. And the IDAAN , Gas Fenosa bills and Cable Onda.

You obviously could not have the entire population of David crowding into the small IDAAN office every month to pay their bills there. Multi Pago is very convenient, and often times there is noone there so I get in and out quickly. They give me a receipt for my payment that I keep.

What About the Weather, You Say?

Yes, rain does take its tole on a paper bill crunched into your gate. So we noticed that several people here have developed makeshift mailboxes so their bills won’t get wet.

If anyone reading this is interested, a new lucrative business here would be importing mailboxes from the states (you can’t buy them here) or making some  and selling the heck out of them.


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