Hurricane Otto in Panama

Hurricane Otto has just given us more rain than usual. That means more flooding of rivers, washed out roads and inconveniences.

I expected today to be worse due to Hurricane Otto, instead I woke to lightly overcast skies with hints of blue and NO RAIN. Was I excited, yes.

So I took advantage of the break in the storm to venture out to Pricesmart and stock up on a few items. I called friends who said, “Lets do it.”

So off we went. Shopped and took our time, checked out, loaded up the car and headed home. After dropping off a friend we headed back across the city to home when it hit. Dang! My luck had run out. Buckets of rain.

As many of you don’t know, Pricesmart does not bag your items. You put them individually in your trunk hoping to get them in your front door before they 1. thaw or 2. get soaking wet. (Nothing worse than wet Ritz crackers). Okay, my once frozen box of spring rolls taken from the car to my house, arrived with the cardboard box soaked and the spring rolls completely thawed. Guess what I am having for dinner???

So it is now 4PM and since noon, I have been out in the rain more than inside. Cable and Wireless came to fix the internet problems and needed in and out and where the cables were and this and that. If I could have attached an umbrella to my side it might have worked remembering to use it. But alas, I did not. And I am not done yet as they are still here working. And the rain is intensifying.

But tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I am giving thanks that all this rain is warm and it is not snow. I am also giving thanks because I know summer is almost here and soon I will be wishing for rain.


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