I Broke A Promise to Myself- I Did Go To The Mall in December

Shopping in David in December at The Mall

Some memories just don’t fade. Like the last two years trying desperately to find a parking spot anywhere near Plaza El Terronal in December.

This year I vowed to anyone who would listen, that I would not go shopping at the mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well that miserably failed.

You would think that the general population would be working on work days of the week. You would think that on those days the mall would be a bit quieter. You would think that, right?

Wrong. I don’t know where all the people come from, but there is basically traffic jams everywhere and no parking. This I know first hand. And today, is the first day of summer vacation for all the students until end of March.

Okay, a new day, a new vow. Now I won’t go to the mall until after Christmas. We shall see!!!


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