Independence Day-November 3rd

Independence Day in Panama




Panama celebrates three independence days. Today is Independence from Columbia Day, November 3rd. It is the day back in 1903 when Panama won its  indepedence from Columbia, with the help of the United States who at the time was interested in building the Panama canal.

Having stated before, that there are so many holidays in November, it is considered “a patriotic month.” Starting over 2 weeks ago, you could hear drums practicing for all the upcoming parades. Yesterday in David, everyone was putting up red white and blue bunting on everything from hospitals to being draped across the streets. Platforms were being put together, stands going up, activity everywhere. Last night there was a parade downtown David, one of the drum corp’s own must live a couple of doors away, because last night he or she invited the whole gang home. From midnight until 1:30, the neighborhood listened to drumming as fireworks cracked above in the skies.

Today as we went to the Flea market we decided to venture on to Boquete for some lunch. We got there just in time to see their parade. All the bystanders were having fun an enjoying the bands and pretty girls. Here are a few pictures I took.




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