It Is The First Sunday of the Month, So?

Chiriqui Storage Flea Market

From 10:30 until 2pm every first Sunday of the month, Chiriqui Storage has a  flea market.  It is on the right hand side of the highway going up to Boquete past Dolega. You will find tables filled with  items, mostly from the US and Canada, as expats try to sell their stuff. Cameo wines has a booth to sell wine and Finca Santa Marta has their booth of organic veggies. You can find anything from DVD’s to furniture to plants to clothes. They also have food so you won’t go hungry while shopping.

More importantly, the flea market is a gathering of locals and expats who socialize. This once a month event is a great way to get out of the house and do something different, run into friends and maybe buy a great find. Check out the website for the Chiriqui Storage Flea Market.

The Chiriqui Storage Flea Market

The Chiriqui Storage Flea Market


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