Just Another Day

Just Another Day in Alto Dorado

Saturday morning and the gardeners are here early. They constantly are grooming the lawns and flower beds. It is windy again. Wind here goes on all day. It is a quiet morning, not much going on. The kids(Brandi and Seaous are roaming around the yard). Brandi plays ball occasionally with Kevin. He uses a large grapefruit that has fallen off one of the grapefruit trees.

Today is a slow, relaxed kinda day. We are just hanging out, watching Santa on television, running scans on the computer. We will go into town again today for groceries. Our refrigerator here is small and doesn’t hold a lot. So we go into town and get as many groceries as we can carry home. We are trying to stock up too, because there will be another parade tomorrow and businesses are shut down on Monday. Here are some pictures of our rainbows we seem to see every other day and the kids.

Another Beautiful Rainbow

How Lovely




The Kids


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