Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our Christmas in Panama

Merry Christmas, a little late. We did not actually celebrate Christmas this year. So much else has been going on. And our Christmas decorations are still somewhere in a shipping container. We stayed at home on Christmas Eve and experienced the Panama Christmas eve fireworks that begin at dusk. Our neighborhood had parties with music going late into the night.

Christmas day was quiet. I made homemade pizza and we just hung out. Next year we hope to do it up big.


Our New Years in Panama

We had no idea that New Years Eve would top that of Christmas Eve here in the neighborhood, but it did. Around dusk the entire neighborhood lit up with professional fireworks. Evidently you can buy anything here that you can’t in the United States. We saw the kind of fireworks lit and go off over our house you would only normally see at a staged firework show. The fireworks went on and off all night and into New Year Day. I took out the video camera and took a great video. Some of it is a bit wobbly as I was trying to do a constant 180 to see all that was happening in the neighborhood. Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year!!!


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