Monthly Budget for David Panama

Monthly Budget for David Panama

For those of you curious about what living expenses are here, here is our monthly budget for David. Remember that this is based on owning a home. This is what we spent in January and will expect that monthly it will continue to be about the same.

Electricity-Our dryer and stove all run on propane. However, we line dry all our clothes and then dry them for only 10 minutes in the dryer. We run our ceiling fans 24 hours but do not use air conditioning.    $47.54 with Jubilado discount.

Propane-One tank gave us 30+ days. $5.15

Water and Garbage Combined- $8.00 with Jubilado discount.


Photo Courtesy of 401K 2012 at Flicker

Cable TV(150 stations and HBO) and Internet. $74.54

Phone card refill  $5.00

Auto Insurance-High end policy $26.00 with Jubilado discount

Homeowners Insurance $33.00 with Jubilado discount

Gasoline-No real side trips. Driving stick shift(getting good mileage) but at $3.92 a gallon. $40.00

Health Insurance for us both $464.00

Food/Staples-Shopping local fruits and veggies. Lots of chicken/fish. Okay and rum. Shopping most staples at Pricesmart. $500.00

Eating Out- Usually local lunch places $50.00

Misc $50.00

Total for all  $1303.23



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