New Budget Update

New Budget Update for June-Living in David Panama

It will never cease to amaze me just how little it costs to live here. I keep track of what we spend each month. With the new pool we have to run the pool pump at least 6 hours a day. I thought it would make a huge jump in our electric bill. However, I was pleasantly surprised it only went up about 10 dollars a month. So here is my breakdown of what we spent in June.


Budget—Tax Credits (

Health Insurance for both of us-same $464.66

Car Insurance (we pay annually, but I divide it up by 12) $26.00

Cell Phone-We have a prepaid plan. I added $35.oo in March and we still have over $25 left so zero for June

Homeowners Insurance  (we pay annually, but again I divide it up by 12) $37.63

Cable Onda ( internet and TV) $73.29

Gas Fenosa (electric bill) $42.56 (This is with my Jubalado Discount of 25%)

IDAAN ( water and garbage) $12.02 (This is with my Jubalado Discount of 25%)

Propane Refill-Interestingly enough, we haven’t had to refill a tank since February. Normally a tank would cost $6. So zero for June.

Gasoline- $25.00 for June. Gas prices are regulated by the government.  Panama just went from using gallons to liters.

Food- for June $500. This includes cleaning supplies as well as food and drink.

Eating Out- $86.00 for June. (We always ask for our Jubalado Discount of 25%)

Misc fees-$121.25. These are things we have to pay yearly that I divide by 12 to add in to the monthly fee. These are things like our yearly Skype phone charge, legal fees, mail forwarding service, etc.

So the grand total for June was $1388.41 for both of us to live really well here in David.


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