November Holidays in Panama are Almost Here

November Holidays in Panama 2013

You can feel excitement in the air this week around David. People are putting up red, white and blue bunting across store fronts. Stages are being set up in town.  Everyone is getting ready for the November holidays and the parties that go on with them. From parades to festivals, November is a month that rocks in Panama.

Here is a list for 2013.

November 1st – Day of the Dead

November 3rd – Independence Day

November 4th – Flag Day

November 5th – Colon Day

November 10th – Shout in Villa de los Santos

November 11th – Banks are closed for Nov 10th

November 25th – Independence from Spain

November 28th – Independence from Spain

Since this holiday falls mid week – it will be observed on Monday December 1st this year.

Some of these holidays forbid the selling of alcohol in stores as well as restaurants and bars. Basically November is a party month where not much is accomplished. Government offices and banks are usually closed during some of these holidays.

To Start Off the Party Right-The Circus is Back in Town 

You know its official when the circus is back in town and set up at the Chiriqui Mall. Yesterday, we happened to be downtown just in time to see the animals being paraded around Cervantes Park to attract circus goers.

It is That Time Again

It is That Time Again


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