Our Favorite Restaurants in El Cangrejo Panama City

El Cangrejo Restaurants in Panama City

Early in our discovery of this wonderful neighborhood we found really good restaurants. Combining that with good hotels, we have never wanted to venture to another part of Panama City. Feeling quite comfortable and safe here we now can say we have walked all over the area and now have a list of our favorite eating places I would like to share with you.


Our standby for great full breakfasts is always Manolos. It is on Calle 56 Este right across from the Veneto hotel. Manolos serves typico Panama food. For a small price, breakfasts here come with large portions from omelets to pancakes. The place is always busy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also love their Sancocho. It comes in what looks like a small terrain, definitely big enough for two people to share. That is what we also do with breakfasts. Good food.

We also discovered a new small coffee shop around the corner on Calle Eusebio A Morales called Dolce Idea. They serve coffee, pastries, ice cream. We had 2 croissants that were filled with ham and cheese and of course coffee. The total was $7.60. They evidently have a sister place in the Trump Ocean Club. Great place for a small fast breakfast. They don’t open until 8am though.


We have to admit we seldom eat lunch when we are in Panama City. When we have, we usually go to Manolos or sometimes grab something in the Veneto’s casino on the second floor of the hotel. They have a nice bar area that serves things like nachos at a decent price.


Panama City has every kind of cuisine you can imagine from sushi to German food. In El Cangrejo you can get any and all kinds of ethnic foods in some of the best restaurants I have ever had the pleasure of dining in. With that said, here goes.

Hands down, the best Italian food on the planet is at Pomodoro’s.  It is at  Calle 55 y Eusebio A Morales next to the Las Vegas Suites hotel. They have a small seating section as you walk in the door inside, but as you walk through you will open a door to a wonderful enclosed terrace with outside seating. Large trees cover this space and each table has an umbrella. In the evening they have Christmas lights decorating the area and  a strolling musician wanders from table to table.  The atmosphere is romantic. Top that with the best Italian food we have ever eaten at a most reasonable price, we keep going back. Dinner starts with a prepared at your table, olive oil infused with herbs and generous portions of homemade bread. Dinners include a large salad with oil and vinegar for dressing. All main courses are huge portions. Their lasagna is to die for as well as anything on the menu. Even plain old spaghetti and meatballs are anything but plain here. The sauces are homemade with zesty ingredients that make your mouth water. They are supposed to have wonderful desserts, however we are always to full to have any.  Last week we visited here. Our 2 meals with discount came to under $20. We took left overs back to the hotel and had them for breakfast the next morning. YUM  Here is another site with reviews of this wonderful restaurant.

Sadly one of our favorite restaurants is no longer around. We were planning on visiting our favorite fish place Esquina de Van Gogh which was right across from Pomodoro’s. They had wonderful corvina meals served in a tasteful atmosphere at reasonable prices. It looks as if another restaurant has taken its place but we did not eat there. We will miss Van Gogh’s.

Needing to find another place for dinner, just a short walk from our hotel at the Milan we came across Rincon Suizo.  It is a wonderful Swiss restaurant run by the same chef who runs Pomodoro’s. Excited to find this Swiss chalet in the middle of Panama City we sat down among checkered table cloths and curtains with pictures of swiss mountains and snow covering the walls. The menu was full of traditional Swiss and German food favorites. We had Wienerschnitzel and Cordon Bleu. What a treat. The food was wonderful and the prices were great. We will return. I highly would recommend this restaurant. There are actually 2 restaurants within this chalet. The one mentioned here and a French restaurant called 1985. The 1985 restaurant is on the main floor and Rincon Suizo is on the second floor.

We also ate at what some reviews called the best seafood restaurant in Panama City. It was very close to our hotel so we were anxious to try it out. We sadly were disappointed with both the service and the meal. The atmosphere was perfect. Obviously new and modern the look and feel were wonderful. We went early so there was only 2 other tables occupied at the time. We ordered and it took forever to get our meals. We only ordered the main dish thinking that it would come with something other than the entree.  It did not. The flavors were just okay. It tasted for lack of a better word, bland.  I am not a food snob, but I have to say I have eaten many meals in Panama City and this was my least favorite and most expensive.


There are hundreds of restaurants in Panama City. While I try to make myself go to new ones to try, I always find myself thinking that I only want to go back to the restaurants that I have fallen in love with here. After all, you can’t improve on perfection. As we do try something different I will let you know, because I love El Cangrejo in Panama City.

I also wanted to let everyone know that US chain restaurants are plentiful here too.  If you miss any of your favorites you can come to Panama City and get your fix. I just shot a couple pictures of the phone book  with some of the familiar choices  you can get here in Panama City.





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