Our Panama Attorney Recommendation

Thank You Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi

Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi

Throughout this long process from deciding to move to Panama to getting our Visas we have truly been blessed by having the best Attorney doing all of the legwork for us. In Panama you must have an attorney to apply for a Visa. Our attorney has spent hours answering our questions and giving us directions on what to do next in the process of gaining a permanent Visa for Panama.

For over a year and a half now, she has been there telling us what to do and the paperwork required. She has always had our best interests in mind. When a new Visa began in July 2012, she quickly told us about it and we relying on her valuable judgement decided to apply for the new Visa.

I can not say enough about Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi. She has processed Visa’s for hundreds of people.  She is prompt, efficient and dedicated to making sure things go smoothly. Working with her is Pier, her husband. Together they make a great team.

She is a very experienced attorney, who knows how to get the job done and keeps track of everything. Nothing slips through the cracks. We completely rely on her and her judgement when it comes to anything we need to do here. We trust her completely. Thank you Mayra for all that you have done for us.

We highly recommend Mayra for anyone who needs help with Visa’s, real estate transactions and corporations.

Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi, Attorney
Office: 507-226-2895
Cell: 507-6582-2197
E-mail: 1crisma@g-mail.com
Website: http://www.panamalawyermayralamboglia.com
Office: Calle Manuel Maria Icaza (Area Bancaria) y Calle 51
Edificio Magna Corp.
Oficina 607
Panama City, Republic of Panama


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