Our Panama Budget for Boquete

Our Panama Budget for Boquete, November 2012

Okay, I wanted to give you are costs for the month of November here in Boquete.

Our Home in Alto Dorado

Rent: $700.00- This includes water, garbage and the first $25.00 of the electric bill

Cable Onda $65.00- Middle Cable Package with English language shows/High Speed Internet

Electricity $ 0 for Nov. Between us and the landlady we used only $20.00 for electricity.     We use no heat, air, or fans. Propane for cooking. We do use the dryer and washer each week for 3 loads of laundry. Plus lights on at night in house.

Cell Phone $N/A- I purchased a $50 phone card in October that made our balance $55.00-Our balance is still $50.00.

Propane $5.14- One tank

Bus and Cab Fare $120.00 -Cabs into and back from Boquete one way $1.00 each, Buses into and back from Boquete one way $.60 each, Bus ride into David and back, $1.75 each one way.

Groceries $350-But in all fairness, at first we had to buy a lot of staples that will last us months. Spices, laundry soap, etc.

Health Insurance $292.52-For both of us. Our policy is not active yet, but they have already charged our credit card.

Eating Out $125.00-This includes a rather fancy Thanksgiving dinner and about 6 lunches. No dinners.

Total for November $1657.00


Now, once we buy the house our costs will go down by $700, but up for gasoline for the car, insurance for home and car. We will give you the January budget in February. As we aren’t moving into our home until probably the middle of this month. The month of December is going to be off.


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