Our Favorite Restaurants in Panama

Our Favorite Restaurants

We don’t eat out a lot, however when we have, we have found some wonderful food. I thought I would post a little about some of our favorite places. Of course I should begin with David. Most people argue that there are no decent restaurants here.  I do not agree. It has been fun to attend the Gringo Groups get together every month. They always have the meetings at new places and it is a great way to be introduced to new restaurants around the area.

Our Favorite Panama cuisine comes from two completely different kinds of restaurants.

Local Cuisine

First we have fallen in love with Sancocho.  It is the staple in many Panama households as a hearty chicken soup. But it is so much more and delicious. We love the Sancocho they serve at El Sabroson. It is in the Chiriqui Mall. The restaurant like others there is cafeteria style. Lunch for 2 under $5.00. What a deal.

The other Panama cuisine restaurant we love is El Fogon. They serve fish, chicken, shrimp. You get a lot of food reasonably priced and really yummy. The atmosphere is light and airy with brightly painted walls and nice decor. I found a picture.

El fogon david panama, El Fogon David

Photo Courtesy of FutureExpat at Flickr







Mexican Food 

Believe it or not there is not a lot of Mexican food here. We have been to two which unfortunately recently closed.

Best Philly Cheese Sandwich

If you want really good eats in the way of a sandwich, you need to check out  Terraza Cafe and Deli. It is in the Chiriqui Mall at the entrance to Super Baru. Really good!!!

Good Italian Cuisine

There seems to be a lot of pizza places here and most also sell the traditional Italian foods. One of the best though is Terra located on the new highway to Boquete. Small home converted to a small nice restaurant. Great lasagna and other  typical Italian dishes. The prices are a bit high but the food it great.

Good Chinese Food

Hands down it has to be the Steak House. Yes I know it is a strange name for a place serving Chinese food. The place is decorated like you usual Chinese restaurant complete with lanterns and gold embossed mirrors. You get huge portions here and you always will be taking something home. The food is wonderful. Prices are a bit steep though.

Most Reasonable Lunch Deal

Okay I hate to say this but, well, I vote for the Pizza Hut lunch special. You get a personal small pizza, salad or soup and a drink with free refills all for $5.00. You can also choose from deals with other Italian dishes but they cost a little more. Their potato soup with bacon is to die for.

Boquete’s Best

Having lived in Boquete for over 2 months we tried many of the local places. Many of these are run by expats who offer more American style cooking. That being said their prices often reflect that their customers are usually tourists or expats who live there. After awhile a lot of the restaurants seem the same, but one for us anyway shines above the rest. When we go to Boquete, we usually say we should try something new and always end up at the same place. The Fish House. We go for lunch. The restaurant is small but sits on the creek where you can sit by an open window and see the water go by. They have daily specials that are out of this world. Kevin usually has the corvina with a papaya sauce that is wonderful. You also get coleslaw and a side of rice or fries for $9.95. I usually get their crab cakes that are so delicious, also $9.95. We usually have leftovers to take home. And boy do they make the car smell good. Here is there website  Boquete Fish House.


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