Panama Bus Know How

Panama Bus Know How

There are many people who own cars, however there are many more who take the local buses to get around. They are always full no matter when you use them. We are lucky to have a bus service that runs from Boquete to David every 25 minutes beginning at 7am and ending at around 8pm. We just go out to the main highway and flag them down.

You get on and don’t pay until you get off. There is a driver and another employee of the service that opens the door, helps people on and off and directs where everyone should sit. Sometimes he will have 3 people on a seat, squeezed together. Everyone as much as possible should be seated. The windows are usually open unless it is raining, and sometimes the driver will turn on the radio to lively music.

The ride into David is a nice drive with lots to see. The bus stops every couple of miles to drop someone off or pick someone up. Several of the school kids get to school and home using these buses. It is always fun to have them onboard. Everyone is very gracious, helpful and kind. The passengers are generally quiet. The young people are listening to their Ipods or diddling on their cell phones usually.

The bus automatically stops in David at the El Terronal mall.  Going back home we just let the driver know where to drop us off when we get on. The cost for each of us to go to David which is 45 minutes away is $1.75 each way. Not bad.

Here is a picture of the Boquete-David bus.

A Bus on The Boquete-David Line


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