Panama City Has It All

Panama City Has All The Shopping You Will Ever Need

Two days and three malls later, I am exhausted. I am not a shopper anyway and always avoid it if I can, BUT

Wow, Panama City has it all. We first headed to the Albrook Mall. This is the largest mall in Panama. This mall is a mix of high end stores and discount stores, department stores and boutiques. With 2 floors and over 1 and a half miles of walking and more than 500 stores, this mall is huge. Already one hotel has been built and is hooking onto the mall, three more are expected to build. Currently there are over 5000 parking spaces.  This mall offers a movie theater as well as even a bowling alley. There are two food courts on either end of the mall offering everything from Taco Bell to Cinnabons. The stores are a combination of local department stores, american brand name stores and foreign brand name stores and small boutiques.

The next biggest mall in Panama City is the MultiPlaza Mall. This is a chain of malls that is all over Latin america. This mall boasts over 280 stores.  Multiplaza has more high end stores than Albrook, but you can still find bargains here. This mall as many others has many of the same stores that the other malls do. While Albrook mall is located near the canal, Mulitplaza is located in the middle of Panama City near the neighborhood of San Francisco.  This mall has two floors with the anchor stores of Felix B  Maduro, Stevens and Sanborns. Besides the usual high end retail stores, this mall also has a grocery store, Riba Smith, many banks, movie theater and over 47 restaurants.

The third mall we visited was MultiCentro located in Punta Paitilla area.  While the mall is smaller if offers many good stores in its four floors. It is adjacent to the Hard Rock Hotel and actually accesses the Hard Rock Hotels casino as well as the Hard Rock Cafe. There is a wide selection of restaurants available here at a food court which has a wonderful view of  Casco Viejo and the ocean.



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