Panama City to Caldera, Chiriqui Area

Panama City to Caldera

On Saturday the 27th, we got up early: 4:30AM!  We gathered our huge amount of luggage and took a taxi to the Albrook bus terminal. This is the grand central station of Panama. Buses here come and go all over the country. The buses from here to David leave every hour. The place is bustling with people. I had everything packed so I could not do a video, but I found one on You Tube that shows the terminal. You can see the Albrook  Bus Terminal  below.

We got there fairly quickly; around 15 minutes from Torres De Alba. We had a  portaequipaje or porter, help us with the luggage and get it into the terminal, where we bought our tickets. Two one way tickets were 17.50 each. Not bad for a seven hour bus ride. The portaequipaje loaded our bags onto the huge nice air conditioned bus and we were off at 7am. Everyone was so nice and helpful.

Since our bags were over the 30 lb limit for air travel, we had no choice but to use the bus. It was great, actually, to see the countryside. The bus showed two movies and some music videos on the trip. We stopped in Santiago for a pit stop and food, for about half an hour, and finally arrived in David at around 2pm. We got another taxi that took us the rest of our way to our next destination, El Rio Encantado, just outside of  Caldera. It took us about 35 minutes to get there.

Caldera, it turns out, is a very small village. After checking in we had only time to go into Caldera to get supplies for dinner at a very small mom and pop grocery store, before it got dark. It gets dark here at 6PM year round. Kevin bought what he could find at the store, which wasn’t much.

Dinner that night consisted of hot dogs he barbequed, and gooey hot dog buns. UGH!!

Next Morning at El Rio Encantado

 We awoke to hearing nothing but birds singing and the rush of the Caldera river. The air was sweet to smell and it was a wonderful contrast to the city sounds of Panama city.

We loved the place, and would have stayed, but we needed to find a permanent rental. And as lovely as this resort was, it was a long, expensive drive into Boquete where we wanted to search for a rental, so we only stayed three nights. I should say we only had to stay three nights because we found a rental, with the help of some nice people. More on that later.



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