Rain and Flooding in David Panama

Rain and Flooding in David Panama

Yes we are in one of the rainiest months of the year here. 82% of the days between September and October have rainfall. And I don’t just mean a nice soft rain. I mean thunderstorms with lightening  like nothing you have ever seen and massive amounts of rainfall that flood streets as well as creeks, rivers and ditches. October here is the rainiest month of the year. The average for this month is 15 inches or 360 mm. The rainy season starts in  May and increases every month until October and lets up finally in December.  January through April, we have no rain at all. The total for David annually for rain amounts is around 2251 mm or 88 inches.

To note, most all streets in David or anywhere else for that matter, do not have storm drains, so when it rains it stays until it somehow evaporates or soaks into the ground. If you live anywhere near a gurgling brook, watch out during a big rain storm. Flooding can and will occur. For some reason Colon on the Caribbean side of Panama always has flooding problems as well as the highlands in Chirqui. The river that runs through Boquete even with the reinforced banks has been know to flood houses on both sides as well as washing out roads and leaving people stranded.

Typical Day in October in David

At sunrise, sunshine until around 10 or 11 am, then the clouds roll in more often than not. By around 2-4 PM, thunder clouds develop in the area of Boquete and start making their way to David and the ocean beyond.  Anytime after 3 PM we can find ourselves experiencing thunderstorms with loud clapping thunder and magnificent lightning and torrents of rainfall. In August and September usually these storms end before 8 or 9 PM and the evening is clear. However in October, it can remain raining all night with occasional thunderstorms rolling through. We rarely get any wind here and during this time of year, though it is cooler, it does not get to the point that you want to put on a long sleeved shirt and pants.

When you talk about getting many inches of water down pouring at a time and seeing your entire backyard flooding, it is hard to believe that within 10 minutes of the rain stopping the ground will absorb all the water, but it does happen that way. Here is a great site explaining our weather here in David. Take a look at World Wide Weather .

To Compare Boquete and David During the Rainy Season

Boquete is at 3937 ft in altitude. At the foot of Volcan Baru nestled in a small valley this town gets about the same amount of rain but has higher humidity and wind than David. There are so many small climate systems in the surrounding hill towns adjacent to Boquete. Each has their own weather patterns which differ greatly from Boquete’s.

Generally, Boquete in the rainy season is colder than David. You will see many people wearing sweatshirts, long pants and occasionally coats during this time of year.

David is at 85 ft in altitude. It sits on the plains where the land is flat. The temperature here does not vary much during the year but the difference in humidity from rainy season to the dry season make the days seem cooler, especially when there is more cloud cover during the rainy season.

In any event, the umbrella’s here are in hot demand.

Here is a video of a flood that occurred in Boquete in 2008.

If you think that is bad, take a look at a typical Colon rainy season here.


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