Rain and More Rain in Chiriqui

Worst Rain in Record in Years for Panama

Schools officially closed today due to the forecast of more rain to come.

As a tropical storm has stopped over Panama in the last week creating havoc, little known repercussions always happen regarding our water supply.

So this is my FYI about that subject.

Even though most of David is dealing with the daily deluge of water, the water systems are a different story.

On November 17th, the director of the local water treatment plant said that the water treatment plants were not working due to all the obstructions collected in the pumping systems. The water treatment plants can’t deal with the torrents of rain so they were only working at 60% capacity. They can’t clear the obstructions until the water levels lower and that is not happening at this point in time.

What this also means this time of year is that the treatment plants can only do so much to clear the water.

For those of us without any filtration system on our homes, this means we are going to be drinking dirty water with sediment. So use of a Brita filter or buying and using bottled water might be advisable.

My Eyeball Test for Water Purity in David

My test is to look in my toilet tank. Yes you heard that right. Lift the lid and if you see what I did yesterday you would know what you are drinking. Mine was brown with sludge on the bottom.

When just running tap water from your kitchen sink to make your morning coffee, you might not know that the water once settled down would alert you to the problem. When it is stirred up you won’t notice




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