Rain-Rain and More Rain

I guess every year I forget about November/December rain here. We are so excited when it finally stops and summer starts, we forget about it.

We woke on Tuesday morning to overcast dark skies and rain. At first it was light rain then it got heavier and has not stopped since then, now it is Thursday. I don’t know the amount we have gotten but the ground is saturated and there are reports of bridges out as well as roads.

And I have a new leak in my roof-great!! I have not been out since our sidewalks are like skating rinks with all the slippery mold growing on them. And it is cold, yes cold. For us cold is anything under 75 degrees. Yesterday I put on a long sleeved shirt, whats up with that!

But it does make for nice sleeping weather and the air is crisp and clean.

And I know, I will moan in another couple of months about the heat again. So tonight I am grateful for it all because at least it is not snow!!


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