Rain, Wind and More Rain-Gotta Look Elsewhere

Rain, Wind and More Rain

This best describes our experience living in the Boquete area. At 5 Pm everyday we close all the windows and doors. Why? It is cold and damp here. Okay, I shouldn’t complain to those of you living in my state of Colorado where now winter season has begun. However as a side note looking at my computer today, is the same temp in Denver as it is here.

They often call Boquete, “The city of eternal spring.” We thought that meant pleasant days, soft summer nights. Today for example, as we do every day, have the windows open and the doors in the house open. I have on jeans and a sweatshirt. I am cold. The sky is cloudy and overcast and the day consists of showers that can be anything from fine mists to horrendous down pours. They do not last long, but they do make everything feel damp and cold.

Then there is the ever constant wind. We live basically on the downhill slope of the volcano with little wind breaks and the winds howl.  Without heat in any homes here, the dampness lasts days. Our clothes never fully dry. Since we are without a car and hoofing it on foot we are at times walking in pouring windy rain. New motto has been, always take an umbrella  and never wear mascara. (it runs).

We realize that most of the expats and English speaking foreigners live here. That makes life a little easier here dealing with every day stuff. However for us, it doesn’t outweigh the weather. After being here exactly 30 days we have decided that we do not want to live here permanently. We finally have met a few same soul people who for the same reason, now live elsewhere. So the saying goes, Love the place but wouldn’t want to live there. So stay tuned for more information.



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