Rainy Season Has Begun in David

Just like everyone said it would, rain began here the first of April with a vengeance. The days for the most part start out sunny, then begin to cloud over by mid afternoon. Usually some time between 2-5, you can actually hear the rain coming. Yes, I said you can hear the rain approaching. Within minutes, we usually have a downpour.

Now I am from Oregon, I know about rain. But this is really rain.  Within minutes our backyard can become completely under water. You can actually see a current running down the sidewalk.


Our resident toad lives in the big drain down spout by the back porch. When it rains hard enough, poor guy has no choice but to ride the wave out of the drain spout and land in the graveled yard to fend for himself.

I am hoping to soon capture a storm to post on this blog for you all to see the enormity and strength these downpours bring. They are often accompanied by loud thunder and very up close and personal lightening. We have decided that when the lightening is close we turn off all tv’s and other electronic devices. When it is raining that hard you can’t hear anything anyway.

So we have started a custom, which I believe to be a good one.

The backgammon board

Photo Courtesy of Salim Virji (Flickr.com)

Martinis, Martini

Photo Courtesy of ginsnob (Flickr.com)


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