Surprise! We Did It

We Are Moving to Panama, Yes, Down South!

We decided to act on our dream instead of dreaming about it .We hope that it will be the right choice for us. At least we can say years from now that we have no regrets in trying something new.

I want to say thanks to all of you who have been my family for so long. In many ways it was hard to make this decision because of you. Because many of you seem like family to me, so I want to take you all along on my journey. Maybe I will inspire you to act on a long lost wish to live somewhere other than where you are now.

Kevin and Nan

Kevin and Nan on the Panama Canal 2010

Remember, it is never to late to start a new life in another place. In the last year I have met many people who even at the age of 80 have decided to  begin a new life full of adventure in another country. The best part is, thousands of people are leaving  the United States and finding the life they always wanted abroad. It is becoming easier and easier as more Americans do it. These new expats have been blazing new trails to put down roots, portable or permanent all over the world. You can too.

I will try each day to add something new to this blog. Please feel free to email me any questions, comments or just say hello. Please read my other blogs and look at the pages I did. Critic if you want and let me know.

The reason I started this site was for you. Also because there are hundreds of enticing websites about wonderful this and that country is and how they are great places to live. I wanted to do that and more. I wanted to have a website to inform you HOW to move abroad, what to bring, the process and the requirements. My only frustration with making this move was finding out the “how to’s. When you can put together the total package and see how easy it is, I will hope that many of you will at least ponder getting out of the rut. Subscribe to a few free newsletters, look at a few of my recommended websites. Maybe just maybe you might follow your rainbow to the end and find your own true life in paradise.

All of you are in my thoughts as I begin this new journey. You won’t even need to buy a ticket to be along for the ride.



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