The Scoop on Oil Changes in David Panama

What to Know About Getting An Oil Change in Panama

Okay first of all, I am not going to name names. Not my style. Just telling my story.

This year in January I went to what I thought was a reputable place that works on cars, does oil changes, sells new tires. I know they are extremely busy so I thought I would get there shortly before they opened at 8am. So I was the first one in front one of the locked stall doors of which there are at least 8. At 8 am sharp the employees raised them all and I walked in to the front desk and told the gentlemen I wanted an oil change, oil filter, air filter and wanted the tires rotated. Simple right? They have a nice waiting room. So I plopped down on a comfy sofa, figuring an hour or so for the work to be done. The place was buzzing with people and the waiting room quickly filled up with about 20 people. Ten o’clock came and went. I walked back to the service area and was glad to see my vehicle up on a rack. No one around it though. Came back inside and sat some more. Noon came and lots of people who were waiting had left already, their cars were done.  At 12:15 I wandered out again to find out that all employees take lunch at the same time. There was literally no one around. My car was still on the rack as were 7 others and more vehicles waiting outside.

By now I am hungry and grabbed a cup of coffee in the waiting room. At 1:30 in came another gringo couple who were upset that their vehicle was not ready either. They had evidently dropped their car off earlier and came back to pick it up and it had not even been on a rack yet. To make a long story short, I had to yell at the manager to get him to do any action. I told him my car had been the first one in. He just shrugged his shoulders.

At 4PM —8 hours later, they came and got me so I could pay. Folks-8 hours.

December 6, 2016 Oil Change, Oil Filter, Rotation of Tires, Check Belts

I was a bit gun shy about doing this again. The January escapade was still fresh in my mind and I was dreading doing it again so I decided to try the dealership. They look organized. I made an appointment a few days ahead, took the car in at the appointed time of noon. This place is like a well oiled machine. Professional uniforms, tons of employees and really nice waiting room with free WIFI, Coffee, TV and Laptops. I was told an hour. I can handle that.

When my tablet ran out of juice, I looked at the time. Three pm. I went out and asked why so long? Reply was, it will just be another few minutes. I checked out at 4 PM.

In retrospect, I guess my luck is getting better going from 8 hours down to 4. If my luck holds maybe next year I will only have to wait an hour. We shall see, but I won’t hold my breath, just make sure my tablet is fully charged before I leave the house.


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