The Sight You See On The Streets In David

The Sights You See On Our Street

I love living here. I love the mix of country with city and more importantly, how it all becomes David. Sounds corny I know, but where else can you look out your front window and see kids on skateboards and a second later a vaquero on horseback practicing trotting with his horse.

Within our subdivision I see all the kids walking home from school distracted, looking at their cell phones and texting. They are no different than any kids in the States on that note. Walking along side the road they pay little attention to cars while either texting or having their ear plugs on and listening to tunes.

Courtesy of Agnieszka Kwiecien on Wikipedia

In the evenings we have quite a combination of things that can occur. Someone in the neighborhood owns a four wheeler that the kids rev and ride fast up and down the street. We also have someone who owns one of the old fashioned bicycles that has the huge wheel in front and the small wheel in back. They peddle around the neighborhood frequently.

You will often see kids on bikes pulling a skateboarder or some older boys in soccer uniforms bouncing around a soccer ball under a street lamp at night. On some
Saturdays and Sundays there are drag races just outside the subdivision which are as loud as the music that accompanies the event. Happily most of the time this ends before midnight.

During the day, you will see a man pushing a cart selling ice cream, someone in a pick up with a loud speaker announcing what fruits and veggies he is selling, a gardener on a bicycle with all his yard tools hooked to his bike on both sides to keep the balance equal. women dressed for going to town with an umbrella up to protect them from the sun walking to the bus stop, the stray dog and cat that meander from house to house, the endless cabs that honk where there is an intersection.

The Sights You See  In Downtown David

Courtesy of FutureExpat at Flickr

Courtesy of FutureExpat at Flickr

Veggie and fruit stand everywhere there is a place for them, someone with a fresh coconut juice stand, people patiently waiting for city buses on street corners, local police on bicycles, people hanging out in Cervantes Park under the shade of one of the big old trees there, a guy selling snow cones, mothers hanging onto their daughters hands when crossing the street, men and women selling lottery tickets in the shade, cars and more cars all looking for a parking place, taxi’s diving in and out of traffic,men dressed in white shirts and ties and women dressed in dresses. Everyone pleasant, everyone saying “Buenas.”


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