The Two P’s- Pouring Rain and Pizza

Seasons are changing here. The kids are out on summer vacation. You can tell there is no more bed time curfew. The streets are alive with kids in the late evenings playing soccer and riding skateboards up and down the street.

Going anywhere in town is maddening. People are everywhere Christmas shopping. There are decorations everywhere and Christmas songs being played. Everyone seems to be enjoying this festive time of year.

The weather is getting hotter and drier. The rain comes every 3 or 4 days instead of every afternoon. The trees are loosing their leaves, the flowers are falling off the plants as the ground gets less water.

Today, we had an unexpected downpour which somehow turned into a hankering for pizza. We have found excellent pizza here at several locations. One of our favorite places to get a good Philly Cheese  Sandwich also happens to sell pizza. So tonight  we are feasting on the best pizza we have had here. Excellent mushroom, pepperoni and sausage pizza with a nice garlicky tomato sauce. Just thought I would share the fact that we have found a wonderful pizza place. It is called the Pizza Pit and is located at the Chiriqui Mall. Great prices and great food. This large pizza was only $11.00.

Yum Yum Pizza

Yum Yum Pizza


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